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Letters from our families

Brenda has now worked for us as a Nanny for 2 ½ years.

Having had Nanny’s before I know how amazing Brenda is. As I write this I struggle to describe how amazing she is. Words on paper look so one dimensional when what she brings to the family is so much more.

We are a family that travels extensively, and she is amazing in helping us in whatever way we need.
I travel a lot for work and therefore my schedule is constantly changing. She is constantly fitting her already busy life around our forever changing schedules. She does without a bat of an eyelid.

She is most importantly the Nanny to our very busy, energetic and exceptional strong willed 4 year old. She ensures he tows the line without in anyway being dictatorial or harsh. He knows where the line is and thus keeps in line positively. Not an easy feat for us and certainly not when it is not your child. She is calm, easy going and hard working. She is constantly thinking about activities for him, things to do with him, things to teach him. I never worry about Myles when he is in Brenda’s care.

On top of that she helps out with anything that needs to be done in the way of housework or errands effortlessly.

As Myles is getting older and thus doing more time at preschool, we need her less. It is one of the parts of Myles grow up that is sad. We don’t get to see her as often.

Brenda has 6 children of her own which an absolute testament to her being a great Mother. I hope that Myles will grow up to be as well rounded as any of her children.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and more than happy for anyone to phone me on 0416244556. From the day I meet her I knew that she was exactly what we needed.

Yours Sincerely

Jayne Ansin
Managing Director
PIVOTAL Consulting Pty Ltd   

Blue Mountains Nannies

In helping me with my four year old triplet boys, Brenda is a dynamo - full of enthusiasm, creative ideas and fabulous child development advice. She has a deep and very genuine commitment to children. Her passion for helping parents in their journey of raising healthy, happy, well adjusted kids is very special.

Brenda is practical, down to earth and can manage 3 very active four year olds in a wide range of situations.  Putting safety first, Brenda is one of a very small group of people who I trust my boys with, both out and about and in the car. We often go to the markets, the beach, parks and concerts with Brenda, and she has helped out at short notice when needed urgently. With her, I feel we can go anywhere and do anything.

Perhaps her most significant achievement is that Brenda has guided my three boys through toilet training, who strongly resisted giving up nappies both individually and as a little ‘gang of three’!  I have observed her high level of skills in this regard, with Brenda using a number of positive techniques and showing great patience.

She can explain concepts clearly to my boys, and has helped them manage their chaotic energy. She has helped the boys to deal with feelings of sadness and loss when we have had death in the family. Indeed, she has been a great support to me as well.

Brenda always has a game or special toy up her sleeve, and she is firm with discipline, but kind and fun – the boys are always laughing with her. She is great at reading to the boys and we have a lot of fun making up stories as well.

She will also jump in with whatever needs to be done, a real ‘can do’ person.

Brenda is one of a kind, with great experience and commitment, wit and wisdom, and energy to go! We look forward to many, many years of Brenda working with us.

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